The 18th Annual Clint Tournament

Wednesday, August 24th through
Saturday, August 27th, 2022

The Field: The tournament will be limited to 30 teams. If more than 30 teams enter, a drawing will be conducted to determine the field. The drawing will end once 30 teams have been selected. This year there will be no alternate teams. In the unfortunate event that a selected member player must withdraw from the tournament, the remaining member partner will be allowed to recruit a replacement teammate from the Tehama membership. The official field of 30 teams will be announced.
The Format: Teams will score the two best balls of four. Each day the team will be split into two twosomes. Each twosome will score one best ball. The two twosome score will be combined for a team score.
The Flights: The field will be separated into two flights based on total team handicap. Both flights will be playing from the same set of tournament tees.
The Guns: An overall Gross Team Champion and Net Team Champion will be crowned. Within each flight there will be one gross team and two net team awards. There will also be an individual gross competition. The fifteen members and the fifteen guests with the lowest handicaps will be eligible.
Spouses and Guests: Your spouse or guest is welcomed to enjoy the Fitness Center and the afternoon hors d’oeuvres and cocktail receptions in the Clubhouse. Please note that the Wednesday night dinner is for Contestants only. Your spouse or guest is invited to the Saturday night awards dinner.
Schedule of Events to Come

MEMBER 1 Guest  MEMBER 2 Guest